Friday, August 18, 2006

Liars and the lying lies they tell

I just want to record this here and now, I thought from the moment I heard the shit about this man arrested for JonBenet Ramsey's murder that it sounded weird to me, and if he turns out to be some sicko just trying to get attention and attached to the case because he was fixated on her I want to be on record saying it just didn't seem copacetic, you know?



krysten said...

i'm with you...seems really odd. first thing i thought was that the parents paid him off to admit he killed her.


Brain Diva said...

From what has been released out there, that guy is a pedophile so it is not like he is going to be the most mentally stable person. Despite his confession, I'm not sure at this point if he is just looking for attention in the most peculiar way. The district attorney did seem to hint at the fact that he had to be arrested before their investigation was complete, because he was starting work as a teacher in a grade school(!), and was a flight risk. Whether he actually killed JonBenet Ramsey or not, he is still probably better in prison.