Friday, June 02, 2006

I'll have what she's having

Whooooeeey! Not to be confused with Sooooooey! No pigs here. I'm excited, the prompt exercise I wrote for What If? won a contest for flash fiction over at :) Yeah, yeah, it's not a Pulitzer but it is recognition. And a bottle of Bordeaux. Sweet.

I rode the new bike this morning. Here is what I learned:

1) Riding a bicycle is not as easy as I imagined it would be.
2) Whatever is blooming in town right now smells very pretty.
3) I'm allergic to it.
4) My town has a lot of hills
5) The one that leads back to my neighborhood might as well be Heartbreak Hill at the end of a long ride.

It's a good hurt though, right?

After a good long hot shower, I ate, shopped the VS semi-annual sale online, and then went to the 13th Annual kindergarten Alphabet Parade---my last one. I actually got teary at that realization. My friend K said, hey you can come when my little one goes through. LOL

This really is the cutest thing. All the kids, and the teachers and principal pick a letter of the alphabet, and then dress up like something that starts with that letter, wearing the letter around your neck. Nothing fancy; most parents make do with old Halloween costumes or home baseball jerseys, etc... My littlest one was going to be "P" for pokemon, and wear his Picachu suit, until the last minute mind change, and he wanted to be "Candy the pokemon trainer. There was no talking him out of it, despite me explaining that no one would know by looking at him who Candy the pokemon trainer was... (and the fact that Candy is a girl pokemon trainer) so I let it go and helped him make a "C" and he proceeded to just wear normal clothes and his Dora the Explorer baseball cap.

The kids line up, (in alphabetical order of course) and parade around in front of the school for the parents and guests. This year we had to do it inside because of the rain. Then they sing alphabet songs and recite some poems and parade out again.

So I am checking out all the kids in their costumes. There are the usual plethora of "B" baseball players, "S" Spidermen, and "A" angels, then I spy the little boy behind the "P" princesses with a big fedora hat, and holding a plastic dinosaur.

"P" for paleontologist. I nearly died. What a freaking hoot. Loved it.

So that was life in sweet suburban New England today. We are going to a wine tasting dinner tonight, a fund raiser for the local playground that needs to be rebuilt. Must go get pretty.

Speaking of pretty, I liked the idea of having Friday goodies like I had last week. Other people have weekly themes, and I certainly can't post my itty bitty titties. Unfortunately Blogger is having issues with uploading photos, bastards. Oh well.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

You won!!Good going toots! New Bike too! Have a great weekend off.

Diego said...

Job well're kinda funny. I mean, you have a good sense of humor.....itty bitty?....Hey, is it part of the wife tasting, I mean, the wine tasting the buzz you might get from it?

Brain Diva said...

I'm so happy your story won, G.! Good job, dearie.

The little one is growing up. He was still a teeny toddler when I first met you.

Why do we need boobies post exactly? LOL I'm confused.

Love the movie quote as a title. One of the funniest scenes ever, although very embarassing to watch with your mom. ;)

Giovanna said...

Funny you should say that Diego, seeing as I was hurting pretty badly this morning. One of my friends was one of the "pourers". When the tables were shut down, she got us a couple of bottles that weren't empty and we killed them. Oy.

Oh and by the way yesterday's movie quote was from The Blues Brothers.