Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Beer-man bites prostate

For some bizarre reason my MS Word no longer has the places in the toolbar that let me edit my font. WTF? I tried looking under the add buttons thingy, but I can't find it. Is it under "custom" somewhere? I can't figure out what to check under that either. Don't tell me I have unintsall and re-install it because that would blow, I always end up with it corrupted for some reason and I just had to patch it from a run time error not that long ago. Grrr....

ETA: Nevermind. i figured it out. And the other drawback to sitting outside is there is no plug and my battery blows. Not to mention my monitor ha less power on battery so I can barely see it in the sun.

So I am sitting here on this glorious sun-filled morning in a local coffee shop (go local business! choose local business!) with an iced latte, a homemade bacon, egg, and cheese on an English, and free WiFi while my car gets new tires. Sweet huh? I should go sit at a table outside, but I'm afraid to then have to deal with using the bathroom and leaving my computer set up. At least in here it's quick and all these people are here and would see someone stealing my shit. But I am freezing from A/C because I am in my work-out clothes. I plan to bike after this.

Just a reminder, *poke* *poke* if you haven't pledged for my 3 Day walk , and plan to there is still time. Tell your friends. Thank you to all who have.

I couldn't help but think of the D-Man when I read this. Turns out scientists have discovered a chemical in beer that helps prevent prostate cancer. You have to drink like 17 a day though, so Dave you should be golden. Between beer drinking and masturbation, there is a whole sub-culture of men guaranteed never to get cancer!

This public service announcement has been brought to you by not-so-desperate.


Bee said...

*feels poke* Payday is this Thursday! Of course I will support ya =D

Don't forget your helmet!

Dave Amirault said...

Too bad I don't really drink anymore ;-)
I haven't had a weekday beer in over a month and a half. That means no drinking on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday night.

Just on the weekends, and now it is mostly Vodka and Gin.

Jamie: said...

I am in Denver this week, and worked from a coffee shop-slash-Vespa dealer yesterday. How awesome is that?

Go small business! Choose small business!

Anonymous said...

Go local business, choose local business? What's up with that G? LOL, does that mean you're going to stop buying your Starbucks and stop shopping at Shaws?

D-Man said...

Sweet! A beer in one hand, and...