Wednesday, May 03, 2006

"Who says you can't go home?"

Boston Red Sox fans, that's who. ROFL. I swear there is no better place to be a baseball fan than here, for no other reason than the drama. I shit you not, all they talked about on sports radio here (yes, I listen to sports radio) for the last week was whether or not Johnny Damon would get booed on his return Monday, his first visit to Fenway since signing with teh evul empire: NY Yankees.

Not only did he get booed, they were merciless throughout the whole game. They threw fake money at him when he took center field. Instead of the traditional "Yankees suck" chant they yelled "Damon sucks". They cat-called "traaaaitor!" I felt bad in all honesty. For God's sake it's not like free agency is a new concept, and he isn't the first player to flip for the almighty dollar. The irony here is that Clemens got the same treatment back in the day, now everyone is all gooey over the idea of us getting him back, for what will surely cost a pretty penny. (Mark my words, Theo will pay anything just to *not* let the Yankees get him.)

What made the night *that* much more entertaining, was the dramatic return of back-up catcher Doug Mirabelli, who they traded to the Padres earlier this season, then got him back because simply, Tim Wakefield can't have anyone but him catch him. LOL. "Wake" was starting last night, so this man literally got on a plane from San Diego, and was met at Logan Airport by a State Trooper in a black SUV, (with Mirabelli's uniform inside of it) at 6:48PM He changed in the car, and took the field for the first pitch at 7:13 You should have seen the scene on the street when the truck pulled up to Fenway. And damn if they didn't cheer his ass something huge when he came out. Only in Boston.

Who's gonna have a bad day tonight? All I know is, Taylor, Chris, and Kat are safe.

Some new and cool stories posted to What if? today. Go check 'em out. :)

Happy hump day to one and all!


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Bee said...
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Bee said...

Bball has always been crazy in the east coast. You guys have so much more history. : )

We also booed Damon when he moved to Boston from the A's even though we hated him(we a's fans like to torture). The dude would never dive for a ball or slide to a base in fear of getting his uniform dirty. I swear! My bro used to call him the pretty boy. Who knew?!

MyUtopia said...

I like the whole fake money thing, that is funny.

Leesa said...

Yeah, I don't like the Yankees or the . . . shudder . . . Braves. Well, I just don't like Braves fans.

Leesa said...

Love the wheelchair stuff!

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