Sunday, May 07, 2006

The second annual 5K


I didn't quite make my goal. *sniff* Better than last year at least. Only my second race, right? God, I was 30 out of 34 for my age group. LOL. Oh well. I don't think it had anything to do with the fact that my neighbors had an impromptu "burn-the-yard-waste-bonfire-and-BYOB" party last night. LOL (I swear I was good, I didn't drink too much!) I need to run more than once a year.

My daughter finished first in the kid's fun run though, and Biggest One was 3rd for his. Next year they want to run the 5K with me. And I can't believe me, the SPF nazi, forgot to put on suncreen. Nor did I wear my baseball cap, just my sunglasses. Did I mention I walked around the start/finish line an hour before the race, and over an hour after? Then went to a soccer game. Oye. I look like a raccoon, and my arms and shins are toast. Well my face isn't that bad, but you can sure see where I need to be more attentive with my SPF moisturizer.I also spent the weekend cleaning out the basement and garage. I need percocet, I swear to God.


Leesa said...

sweetie, the sun is the enemy. it ages you more than anything. Plus something known as malignany melanoma is supposed to be a bitch.

Bee said...

Didn't the race provide sunscreen? =0 Sowy chica!

Get some aloe vera, it feels sooo good after a bad burn. =D

krysten said...

oatmeal bath will help too...just whir some up in the blender to make a powder and sprinkle it into your bathwater. that will help keep you from peeling too, as it will keep your skin soft.

Giovanna said...

Mmm... a bath sounds sooooo nice.

Too bad my tub is broken. >:\

Thanks for all the suggestions ladies. It's a little better today. As are my knees.