Sunday, May 14, 2006

"pour your misery down on me..."

New England DJ's have a sense of humor. I heard this on my way home from work. I dedicate to Shelly and X5, the only two people in 5 states who are happy right now.


Brain Diva said...

I LURVE this song. Thanks for posting the video. We are getting the wet misery here too. :)

Giovanna said...


*huggles The Brain Diva*

I know I just told you this, but Al Gore was just the cutest thing on SNL.

He was on SNL! And I didn't realize it was the real Al Gore at first, ROFL.

Off to bed, here's to hoping my basement stays dry. I can't wait to get my Mother's day hugs tomorrow.

Brain Diva said...

It was a great SNL last night.

Happy Mother's day, darling! I hope it is a good one. I got to talk to my mommy, who is in Paris right now. It was nice.

X5 said...

Awww G, Thanx for the dedication! I am not sure "happy" describes me fully but being in work with you guys can out me in a good mood!

Happy Mother's Day

X5 said...

out=put.... damn typos!