Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Elvis, ice cream, and eye candy

As much as I love Idol, I was averse to watching these four sing Elvis. They are all very talented, but... it's freaking Elvis!

That said, Chris Daughtry is winning this comptetition. Done. Fin. He is the only one who didn't completely suck. In fact, he rocked. He didn't over-sing. I lurved it. Suspicious Minds is one of my *favorite* Elvis songs. Not that Elliot was bad really, it just was a hard genre for him. I actually didn't even watch the whole show, I caught the recap and decided to go watch Chris's performances since he looked so good. Hee. And how gay is Ryan Seacrest? "We call them 'hybrids'." Ummm... all you dudes out there in blog land is that true? Are boxer briefs "hybrids?" I thought those were either tomatos, bicycles, or a plot on The X-Files? Or did he pull that out of his ass on live TV? (Pun intended.) Oh and that's not a gay slam, it's a come-out-of-the-closet-you-are-such-a-poseur-slam.

A little less conversation, a little more action. Baby.

On to better things. Or not depending on what your tastes are right now. ;-)

I made my own homemade ice cream yesterday. Wow. Yum. Mmmm Mmmm good! I recently bought the ice cream maker attachement for my Kitchen Aid mixer. I made French Vanilla because my mother had brought me all this nice vanilla and vanilla beans from the cruise she went on. What makes French vanilla French anyway? The recipe called for 8 egg yolks. So I then went on to make meringue drops, since I found myself with 8 egg whites. I really didn't think this was going to turn into the project that it did. But, the kids loved the cookies, and ate ice cream for breakfast this morning. Hey, don't knock it. It had all those eggs and milk, and probably the same amount of sugar as Berry Krispies.

I had other things to write I'm sure, but I'm sleepy, need to go to Hi-Lo sculpt, and still have ice cream maker dishes to do.

Oh! "24". Freaking-a, I was so pissed. *Spoilers* I wanted Logan to blow his brains out. I really did. But You knew it wasn't going to happen. I knew that Miles guy was going to be an ass kissing, "oh I'm all betrayed so I'm going to get me some Presidential recognition even though I'm selling out the free world. The whole plot twist was so... It's not even Judas like because we know Judas was doing the right thing now... You know Myles is going to end up dead.

And I'm so glad they didn't kill Secretary Heller!

Jamie, you're the best for pointing out Komen's excellent percentages. I knew you would come to back me up since you worked for them. Please pledge people. No amount is too small. Even a $5 or $10 pledge adds up.


Anonymous said...

G, what are you doing posting almost nude pic's of me on the blog!!!!! I thought that was our private session

The Hubby.

LOL my anonymous word verification has GQ in the series.

Joe said...

I'm just wondering why none of those snacks made it down my way...

krysten said...

they have an ice cream attachment for the kitchenaid?!?!?!?!?!?!

i. must. have. one.

hellooooo, i was TOtally waiting for logan to eat some lead!! boooooooooooo!

and i kinda think it was better when heller was dead...more shock factor.

hey, i'm doing my part for the ACS too. i just became a Pampered Chef Consultant and this month we are doing "Help Whip Cancer" shows and donating $1 from every item sold to early detection and education! woot!

Giovanna said...

Krysten that is awesome, I love Pampered Chef stuff. Can I place an order through you? I can browse online right? And yes, given how you cook, you must get the attachment. It wasn't that complicated, but I can see a little more practice might make it easier.

Joe, I ship. LOL

As for you honey, well you know I'm a "good sharer."

Bee said...

I was watching the "I want that: Kitchens" show on HGTV and they did a little bit on the ice cream maker. No added crap to your ice cream sounds fantastico. =D

I would love to see the pampered chef stuff. You know how much I love to buy stuff!

Leesa said...

I am addicted to Kitchen Aid attachments; I have several of them that I never use but seemed like a good idea at the time. Like I am going to make my own sausage!

Dave Amirault said...

I'm lactarded. No ice cream for me. Just beer.

How'd you get a pic of me in my underwear?

Giovanna said...

Leesa, there's a joke in there somewhere. Especially if you combine it with the underwear. Maybe I should rename the post,
Elvis, ice cream, and stuffed sausages. ;-)

That sucks for you Oz, somehow, I don't think you really care that much...

Boy, all you Dave's seem to think pretty "big" of yourselves... :p

Leesa said...


I mailed my check in today for your fund-raising event. I did not want to do anything online because I did not want the fund to have my information. I know, I am paranoid. You should get credit for it, though, because the form had your name on it. Not a lot of money, but every bit helps.

Daniel said...


Heck no.

Boxer briefs - that is what is on the package . . .

krysten said...
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X5 said...

G, I am so glad you mentioned "hybrids" I wanted to know what exactly everyone's favorite closet-case was calling boxer briefs... WTF though, HYBRIDS???

Here's a laugh for you. First, check out this pic :

Now imagine him with a basket and some ruby slippers... Nuff said.