Thursday, February 23, 2006


It must come back girls. Operation. Phat. Ass. Back in the day Jamie and Bee started a "get healthy, get fit, lose ten pounds support group. (It was supposed to be Operation Fat Ass but somehow the "p" from operation got stuck in there, so we improvised.) Well my jeans are waaay too tight. I gained all that weight I lost when I joined the gym back. It could be because I stopped going.

So the gym saw my phat ass today. And my pot. I did abs, and 1.5 miles on the treadmill. I realized the 5K road race will be coming up in May and I need to be back in shape to run it. I can't believe I let all my stamina and muscle go to shit.

I bought healthy fruits and veggies from the grocery store. I need to start yoga again as well.

So OPA works like this, you post what you ate and did for exercise each day. Who's with me? :)

Breakfast: Colombo Light Yogurt
Lunch: 1 cup of Campbells Chicken noodle and a salad with chicken, chick peas, sunflower seeds and beets dressed with oil and vinegar.
Snack will be trail mix and or hummus on baked pita toasts.
Dinner is stir fry chicken with broccoli and red pepper over Shirataki.

My children are starting to bicker and whine. School vacation is almost done thank God. I am ordering them outside to play and they are refusing so I might have to pick them up and carry them out.

Oh, and Just Waking is now officially updated. It was my chapter so you must go read it. *g*


MyUtopia said...

ah...the days of OPA! I had almost forgotten. My phat ass was a lot smaller back then.

Bee said...

OPA! *breaks plate on floor*

Starting to opa is like quitting smoking. I'll start tomorrow. I promise ; )

MK said...

I would join you (I still might) but I'd have to plead the 5th before divulging the amount of chocolate I consume daily.

Jamie: said...

G, I need it sooooo bad. However, DEFinitely not until I leave NYC. *weg*

Honestly. My new apartment is right on the Katy Trail so I HAVE to start walking, at the very least.

Hopefully now that I'm cooking for myself again I will be better.