Saturday, January 14, 2006

Nine years ago today

In honor of my second born, my only daughter, who I love dearly but will surely turn my hair gray the moment she menstruates, this post will be in homage to her.

I knew she was going to be a girl because I was sick with her and not with her older brother. At least she didn't have me on nine weeks of bed rest like he did!

She did however scream and cry as much as he did pretty much. From day one she wanted nothing to do with daddy when she was crying. I remember one night, trying to get her back to sleep in her crib I pulled my tee shirt off and put it in with her thinking maybe the smell would keep her there quiet. It worked.

By biggest regret and mistake ever in infant care was listening to some stupid book and taking her pacifier away when she was like seven or eight months old, so she "wouldn't be dependent on it." Better then than later on. I swear I made her high strung and neurotic just from that.

Women pay big money to achieve the color of her hair. It's not red as in like carrot, Orphan Annie red, but more like a beautiful deep strawberry blonde. She despises her freckles though. Hence, applying sunscreen has never been an issue with her.

She is incredibly smart, but doesn't let on much. She has picked up the piano very quickly, and I must confess I have high hopes and dreams in that matter.

She loves dresses and shoes, yet most days she is in stretch pants and tee shirts. Her hair is always askew, and often has a ring of what she ate around her mouth if you don't nag her to wash her face.

I love that she sings in the shower.

I want more than anything to instill in her enough confidence in herself and self-esteem that she never feels like she has to please a boy to make him like her, and for her feel that she can achieve anything she wants.

Happy Birthday my girlie girl. Although she 's nine today, here is my baby girl:


Brain Diva said...

Awe. What a nice post. She still looks the same, just a bit older. Indeed, she is smart as a whip. And she does have beautiful red hair. I hope she never dyes them unless she has to.

Give her hugs for me. Happy Birthday!

Jamie: said...

The hair is beautiful, and I, for one, ADORE the freckles. I used to have those!! *sniff* They're fading from my sunscreen and lack of sunshine.

Pacifier story... I was only allowed to have mine in bed. I remember being around 2 or so, and every day when I woke up from my nap, I'd pad into the living room with my "passy" and my mom could see the top of my head behind the couch but not my mouth, and say "Go put away your pacifier or go back to your bed" and I'd stop, think "how does she know?" and pad back to my room to put it in its nightstand drawer. Hee. Pushing the envelope daily from the get-go.

Leesa said...

Love the story. It is interesting what we love about other people.

Anonymous said...

Very sweet post toots. You really should copy it and place it in your daughters Hope Chest. She will be very touched someday reading it.

Anonymous said...

oops, that above was pgh