Friday, December 23, 2005

Just my luck

Was I somehow prophetic?

My little angels told me they found where I had hidden some Christmas presents. They were quite pleased with themselves actually. They weren't looking per se, they were playing "Hide and Seek." Hubby thought this was hysterical. "No... I'm not in the closet snooping for presents, I'm hiding." ROFL.

Now I have to find out what little princess saw in the basement, because if it supposed to be from Santa, as we spoke of in a previous post, I have some 'splaining to do.

Jamie Cullum, who you've heard me tout before, is giving away his Audi TT in a contest on his website. This is like, my favorite car; the car I always pick when my boys ask me if I could have any car in the world what would I get. At it would have belonged to Jamie Cullum! Only problem is if I won it I'd have to pick it up in West London, and by the time I did that I could have bought two here in America. LOL

I need to go make a cheese ball.

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