Wednesday, December 14, 2005

good is good and bad is bad

I have not listened to NPR save for a few segments on Morning Edition as I dress, or All Things Considered when I shuttle children to gymnastics. I feel so out of touch. But I have been productive at home, if you discount yesterday where I felt like crap and slept from 8:30 to 1:00pm without batting a lash. I have yet to buy one Christmas present for the kids and that has me a little concerned, but cards are almost all set, I ordered lamb, and the house is clean so…

Tonight was the Middle School holiday concert. We went to hear the 5th grade band play. God love 'em, the little cuties. That music director must love her job, that's all I have to say. Hee. Biggest one played the bass drum and thought he was the shit. Hubby and I looked at each other and said, "Did we sound that bad when we were in middle school? I wouldn't know really because I was never in middle school. I did that parochial school thing where I went grades 1-8 then high school. I don't think my HS chorus was that bad, though my parents who suffered through 4 years of Christmas concerts might beg to differ.

All this is really a long way of saying I have nothing of substance to offer, save for the domestic struggles of the upper middle class family. Such that they are. I'll have to save the world another day. It'll keep, it's made it this far.

No one has wanted to slap me yet. I'm both surprised and touched. I thought for sure I had a few wise asses out there reading. ;)


Brain Diva said...

Why should I want to hit you exactly? I can't muster the outrage to slap anyone these days. ;) LOL

Giovanna said...

Oh you have the outrage dear, you just don't have the energy. :p

Why should I want to hit you exactly?

Maybe that should be the next poll... :p

MK said...

Okay, I HOPE that those concerts were not that awful since I have such good memories of them. Hell if I was in NYC i would love to go hear one today. If she teaches there. I think a ew years ago I noticed she was still there and her kid was like entering college. I found that hilarious. Yes, time does go on when you do not notice.