Friday, October 07, 2005

Throw your hands up at me

I hesitate to post this here, but I laughed so hard, in such a sad yet life affirming way to what this woman says in her blog it bears sharing. And if I didn't find this stuff how would you right? Hee.

Fair warning: The link contains explicit language and material, so if you are potentially squeamish or offended by such, don't click. Skip this post. Forget you stopped by today. And for please sake don't freak out over your good friend G's potential gutter-minded-morality. This was just one of those "follow one link from a blog to another" kind of things. Honestly. I'll say three Hail Marys and post something wholesome tomorrow.

Hysterical comments on outrageously expensive vibrators and why women are so above men. (read the first two most recent posts.)


Anonymous said...

So, what would you buy if you had $1500 lying around? A vibrator? For that price it should vacuum the house afterwards

Giovanna said...

A reply! Whee! (who is it? hee hee.)

For that price it should vacuum the house afterwards.

And cook dinner. Oh, and fix me a martini!

I'm sure that Nordstrom has more than few pairs of shoes and outfits to wear with if I had a spare $1500.