Saturday, October 22, 2005

it’s the same in the whole wide world

It's a little over a week away! Halloween is probably my daughter's favorite holiday besides Christmas, primarily because of all the loot you get, and it's all edible from her favorite food group.

This is the greatest neighborhood at Halloween time, and we moved here seven years ago the day before the holiday. (Luckily, the people we bought the house from warned us how much candy we would need. We went through about ten bags that year, seriously. People come from other parts of town, especially if they live on a main road.) Everyone introduced themselves as they came to trick-or-treat.

We also hold a Halloween parade every year. The police and fire truck come, to lead it off with their sirens, and all the kids (and parents!) follow behind in their costumes. There are usually treats afterwards. Last night the local farm had a haunted hay ride to benefit the rebuilding of Oak Grove Playground, donations still needed :) and it was really scary! My poor littlest one, I never would have taken him on if I knew how cool they were going to make it. They had fog, strobe lights, a mock cemetery, and grown men dressed in really scary outfits came out as werewolves, zombies, etc. They jumped on the side of the wagon and growled! One had a chainsaw. Hee. I was thought it was great, but poor J had to keep his head buried in my jacket the whole time.

Unfortunately I'm feeling a little sour on my nice neighborhood this morning because someone apparently stole one of our decorations last night: a big plastic light-up pumpkin. They left the plus with the light attached sitting on my walk. It would have taken a pretty strong wind to rip it off the cord and blow it out of my yard, and there was none last night. Boo on them. If I find out who did it I think we should TP their yard. That very un-Christian of me, but hey—it's a Pagan holiday right?

Finally, in the spirit of the holiday, this is my gem of the day for you to laugh at. Props to Michael K, and to my sissy for sending it on. Apparently this man is for real.

Peter Pan Be sure to check out his fashion page. Talk about your fashion sense a little wack

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