Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Caught a light sneeze

I'm feeling a bit disconcerted today.  It must be all the vitamins combined with lack of alcohol.  See, I came down with an awful cold Monday afternoon.  God bless Airborne.  The shit works—unfortunately you really do have to take it every three hours and it wreaks havoc on your GI tract, but when you absolutely can't afford to be sidelined for days by a wicked cold you do what you gotta do.  My germs are on the run today, my revved up white blood cells having beaten them down.  If you want to have some on hand, I suggest you look for it now.  It was out of stock everywhere once the flu season hit.  I bought like six boxes last month.  

I keep forgetting to give my children their allowance, and they have reminded me that I now owe them $25 each.  I am dubious, but that should teach me not to forget to do it each week.  I am taking them bowling today as a (way to keep them busy and not destroy my house) fun outing for us since they are off for Rosh Hashana.  (This was one the main impetus for making sure I was not miserably ill today.)  Of course the video games that give you tickets that can later be redeemed for prizes is infinitely more fun than the actual bowling.  I look forward to cheap toys that will break after one day, inflatable squeaking hammers, and plastic bugs or jewelry all over my house.

Dude, you got any 'shrooms?  This story is not surprising as it originates out of a town named "Freedom."

Matt Clement got his freaking ass whooped yesterday.  Yesterday's ALDS game was disappointing to say the least; humiliating to say the worst.  Wells better still have that great stuff he's been throwing all September tonight.   I am off to shower and "Carpe Diem."

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