Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I miss the honky tonks, Dairy Queens, and 7-11s

One thing I despised about the Terri Schiavo case is how the Right took up the charge and made her the poster child for the "Right to Life." Not to be undone, now the Liberal Left has capitalized on Cindy Sheehan as a symbol of the anti-war movement. And the media has played its part in both cases. I'm obviously not the only person who feels this way, and they actually say it a lot better than me. LOL

I feel I am not qualified to sit here and demand the President and the government pull all of our troops out of Iraq this instant because I know it's complicated and so many things were fucked up not foreseen along the way that doing that might not be feasible. However, I do know I am upset more and more each day I read about soldiers killed by roadside bombs. NPR had a piece tonight about a young man from a very small town in Ohio who was killed in that terrible day they lost so many from one area. I know I can't even begin to empathize with a mother's pain of losing a child, but just the daily fear I face hoping they stay safe gives me an inkling of what it might be like.

So I might go to a support vigil tomorrow night, not to protest the war, not for the Left, but in solidarity for women who have lost children to the Iraq war like Cindy Sheehan- who has now whether she wanted to or not has a movement behind her.

On a related note, something that was said in the NPR story about Brett Wightman moved me. A high school friend, speaking to the interviewer commented that Brett accomplished more than she ever would, and another one of his friends interjected- and I'm paraphrasing here but, he said that we all have a destiny, we have our "niche" or what we can strive to be the best at- and that they owed it to people like Brett to live up to their fullest potential, as he did- since all he ever wanted to do was to serve.

Do you ever feel like sometimes this world needs a big reality check, and it's coming? Like Stephen King's "The Stand", or that song by The Talking Heads "Nothing But Flowers" some cosmic karma is going to come around like a giant reset button and have us start over without microwaves, cell phones, and Tivo.

Maudlin, I know.


Brain Diva said...

I hate the polarization of all these social issues. Be concerned about people, not issues. It's so silly anyway since most people are centrists, rather than extremists. I don't get why political parties in the US don't really seem to reflect that.

I watched Seymour Hersh (from the New Yorker) on TDS tonight. Oy. If everything he says about Iraq and the Middle East is true, it is just going to go from awful to mind-numbingly horrifying. You'd think the bottom of the barrel would have been reached already...

Giovanna said...

I had TDS on, but was only half listening because I was writing this post, lol. How ironic.

I saw a bumpersticker today that said, "Somewhere in Texas, a village is missing an idiot."

Bygones Jamie.

MK said...

I am stunned by how little people realize this war is about greed and oil and lining Bush and Cheney's pockets. Afghanisatn was about building a pipeline for american's to control the oil. Iraq is about american contracts to rebuild a country the US sent its army to destroy. And of course the oil that is now flowing through American companies as middlemen. Very little has to do with the people on Iraq's streets. Millions there were starving during the oil embago and NOTHING was done worldwide (kind of like you-name -it in Africa right now. Bush Jr is finishing something his Pops started in order to be a megalomaniac. He cares about himself, his donors and his fortune/legacy. Not whether Kurds were gassed in 1989. Ugh. I want to send Sheehan a pizza (what I always wanted when stuck somewhere at some protest).

Jobee said...

This doesn't have to do with the posting, but my blog site is below NPR on your links list. I'm insulted - and more upset that I'm even on the same list as NPR.

(Not to take away from the seriousness of the other posts. I wish we could send her a care package - would the USPS deliver?)

Giovanna said...

You are such a brat. To make links I have to go into the freaking html code, and it's hard to insert the paste into the right spot. Of course, I will appease you since you know you always get your way.

What are you, Rudy with the NPR bashing?