Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Coffee. Good.

"Do you mean that metaphorically, or literally?"

How much to I love the fact that my 8 and 10 year old know what metaphor is, and use the term conversationally?

The beach was beautiful. I watched my oldest take his boogie board way out into the waves, bobbing and waiting for just the right one, and he just looked so... grown up. My daughter finally ventured farther than jumping over the ones that crash at the shoreline as well. The little one keeps trying to stand on the board- insisting that is what it is for, even after scraping his nose on the sand. I spent a fortune on food and slushies. Fried dough... Mmmmm.

I couldn't help but notice how body piercing is no longer some statement by the fringe but a mainstream fashion accessory. I swear every other girl under twenty had her belly pierced and some dangly chain hanging out of it. It's interesting to see things evolve. I'm certainly not some old fart looking at them shocked and saying, "Oh my God, why would they do such a thing?" but it really isn't for me. I'm not sure I want the tattoo I've mused about either. I think I like my skin the way it is. If I want to commemorate my rapidly approaching 40th birthday in any significant way, I'll go to a spa and celebrate the temple that is my body. Hee.

I need to figure out how to link this to my website so I can be updating there. I need to get my babysitters in gear. I can't believe the summer is half over already.


Brain Diva said...

Hee. It's so funny because that reminded me of my dad who would always say without fail every year when we hit mid-July: "The holidays are almost over". LOL

Coffee. Very good indeed.

Your kids make me laugh.

ITA on the tattoos and various piercings. I don't think they're scandalous or horrifying (In my age group, everyone and their dog has one), but at the same time, I will admit that I don't get it, particularly when it comes to tattoos. In general, I just don't find them attractive, especially if they are conspicuous. A small tattoo of a flower on your ankle? Cute. One that take your whole lower back and that you make stand out by wearing too short tops (something I've seen on multiple occasions)? Tacky. Plus, you can at least remove piercings but when it comes to tattoos? I have a hard time to believe that 1) you won't get bored with it over time, and 2) that it won't look like crap once your skin starts to age & wrinkle.

Jobee said...

Get the tattoo as long as it is something meaningful and not "cute". I swore I would get on at 25 (and chickened out at the store) but still have the symbol I chose with me in my wallet and will someday get it. It will be in a covered place for only me and a few others to know about. DO IT!

jamie said...

I agree with Jobee. I have a tiny (dime-sized) ladybug on my back right hip and no one ever sees it (unless I want them to... wakka wakka). It's discreet and it's mine and I love it.

And regarding the navel rings on all girls under 20... *cough* It's not just girls under 20. BUT, as my tattoo, no one ever sees it except me and people that undress me. OK, PERSON that undresses me. *snort* Why? Because I'm too old to show my belly. (And too fat, but that's another story.) It's a teeny tiny ring with a teeny tiny red bead on it. No one else has to look at it.


Giovanna said...

Well, I'll see. Maybe I can spend the next 18 months searching for the right meaningful symbol. It should be something about rebirth. I was thinking of a phoenix, but that seems like it would end up needing to be too big and ornate, and a butterfly too boring.

Jobee said...

You can draw something yourself - don't be limited by literal meanings.